Werkschau 2016

Here are some pictures of the relationship box I made for my final presentation at the FH Bielefeld. It is a "confrontation" of art & design. It was so much fun doing it and researching about the borders. Now it's gone... hope you like the impressions.

Die Differenzierung zwischen Kunst und Design ist ein Thema das stark diskutiert wird.  Das Kriterium der Funktionalität eignet sich zur Differenzierung zwischen Kunst und Design. Das Zusammenspiel zwischen Funktionalität und Autonomie ist ein Bereich, der sich stetig wandelt und neu definiert.Um die Besonderheit der Funktionalität zu definieren, stellen sich zunächst folgende Fragen: Was ist Kunst? Was ist Design? Gibt es überhaupt eine Grenze? Wie ist das Verhältnis von Kunst und Design? Gibt es Kriterien zur Unterscheidung? Nähern sich die beiden Disziplinen als Folge der Moderne? 

Der Unterschied zwischen einem Kunstwerk und einem gewöhnlichen Gegenstand besteht darin, erklären zu können,was diesen Gegenstand genau zu einem Kunstwerk macht; also was es darstellen soll.

Blinzeichnen Abend

Two weeks ago at the Nachtansichten in Bielefeld, I blind draw a couple of curious nice people. It was a great experience for me to interact with the public and see the results. Also great was that a lot of people took part of it. I was not sure if they would feel comfortable with me touching their faces. I must admitted, I was really nervous at first but after a couple of faces I kind of got use to it.  

Here are some of the drawings. Off course, I did not see the colors and some clothes details I added afterward. All of them took their drawings home. I hope they had as much fun as I did.   


I know it's still monday but time goes by so fast, saturday is already around the corner. I would like to invite you to the exhibition NachtSchicht at the Ravensberger Spinnerei. 
The BBK is kind of hidden on the 4th floor but there is an elevator! 
I'll be there drawing portraits interpretations and some other stuff and there are going to be some other live actions (or should I call this performances?) from Michael Plöger (Drawing), Jutta Kirchhoff (sculpture), Ulrich Heemann (Photografie).
And Music from the Jazz Trio: Charlotte Illinger, Clemens Moritz, Jerry Lu

World Art Day

FYI: Today is World Art day ( I didn't know) and also today in 1452 Leonardo Da vinci was born. I think that's the reason why today is World Art Day but anyways... The 4th Grade from the Russheide Schule in Bielefeld came to visit us and the Exhibition that is opening tonight in the BBk Ravensberger Park at 19:00. 

 I love how kids see art. They always have the best interpretations and questions. Also they normally don't see any bad in nudity, which is perfectly fine, then it is natural indeed. It was a pleasant Visit today. I loved it. I thank the Kids! 


Here are some drawings I made, based on the Book "Tschick" from Wolgang Herrndorf.Hope you enjoy them and maybe they'll match your imagination.